Pousadas open their doors to travelling pooches

At last, the holiday dilemma of what to do with your four-legged mate has been solved – at least if yours is a small mate and you choose to stay at a Portuguese “pousada” (the state-owned chain of hotels now run by the Pestana group) .

The Algarve’s pousadas in Sagres, Estói and Tavira are among the first in the chain to come onboard with a new rule welcoming travelling pooches.

Also opening doors to furry friends this Easter are the pousadas of Marvão and Arraiolos – with many others expected to follow suit soon.

The news won’t help travellers accompanied by Great Danes or Mastiffs, or indeed any animal over 15-kilos, but it is certainly a start.

According to a report by Sábado, dog owners can expect to pay an extra €25 for the luxury of sharing their holiday with their pet, and the fee covers a bed, feeding bowls, complimentary snacks (for the dog!) and “hygienic bags”.

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