Pouca Roupa – Simple summer wines

If you have a house full of wine-guzzling guests this summer, chances are you are looking for some cheap and cheerful wine to chill down and drink by the pool, or even serve on ice. For us wine lovers this is difficult to stomach, especially when joining in the drinking, but I often feel that quality wines are wasted when served in this manner, especially when in copious quantities. Here is a rosé and a white, both from Alentejo producer João Portugal Ramos that, costing less than €4 in supermarkets, may just fit the bill.

I would not usually write about such cheap and uninteresting wines in my column, but what impressed me about Pouca Roupa (meaning scantily clad) was how they are both totally inoffensive to someone who appreciates good wine, something quite hard to find when paying so little.

The rosé, in fact, is almost tasteless and there is very little or no aroma to the wine, but it is smooth and extremely easy drinking. The white does have some fresh fruity aromas and even some flavour, plus a refreshing touch of acidity, but is also very easy to drink.

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By Patrick Stuart