Potter mania in Oeiras

news: Potter mania in Oeiras

THE RESIDENT was on hand last Friday evening at the Bulhosa bookshop in Oeiras Parque Shopping Centre, where many fans had already queued for hours to get their hands on the 6th of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books, “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

As on previous occasions, Diogo Trindade of Caxias had managed to be first in the queue at this bookshop, and when asked about his eagerness, he was adamant that he would take the book home and start reading it immediately. Diogo has purchased all the Potter books in English and thoroughly enjoys the read. We asked a number of Harry Potter fans outside the bookshop to predict who would die, but not one was prepared to hazard a guess. Unlike these fans The Resident reporter, Bob Hughes did not go home immediately to read up on JK’s latest money earning blockbuster story, but what can be said is that many, many smiling fans were seen leaving Oeiras Parque with their first day copy.

On a more serious note, Pope Benedict XVI has condemned the Harry Potter books as “subtle seductions”, capable of corrupting young Christians, one has to wonder if he ever watches the television which is full of “subtle seductions” most of the day. Bob Hughes