vila do bispo

Pothole angst unites residents

Vila do Bispo || As potholes on the country’s roads play havoc with motorists’ tyres, the residents of Vila do Bispo in the western Algarve have come up with a novel scheme.
The “Urban Hole Movement” has started painting round the potholes in bright colours.
It doesn’t change anything, but it serves to warn people of the hazards ahead – and might just embarrass the local council into doing something to fix the problem.
At least that’s the general idea. The Urban Hole Movement has a Facebook page and is placing short clips on Youtube set against skill-free musical compositions. Anyone bereft of tuneful interest will find much to enjoy.
Meantime, the council has proved hard to excite. Mayor Adelino Soares says he “understands people’s indignation” but can only do so much (or so little) given the state of the council’s finances and workforce.