Postal company delivers boxes for charity

CHARITY DONATIONS to help fight poverty and social exclusion will be accepted at Portuguese postal company CTT’s network of offices from December 1.

Five million letters explaining the campaign are to start reaching mail boxes on December 2.

People will be asked to take their donation to their nearest post office, where they will receive a cardboard box for mailing with the names of all charities involved. The donation will then be delivered free of charge to the selected charity.

Fernando Marante, a spokesman for CTT, told The Resident that the list of charities has not been closed and applications to be included can still be accepted.

He said the campaign is due to last until the end of August next year, although a final decision will depend on public response.

“CTT has invested a considerable amount of money in this campaign but it is part of our social responsibility policy,” he said.

Company employees will be involved as volunteers as “the normal postal traffic from the CTT clients cannot be affected by the campaign”.

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