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Post office launches digital mail service

THE WAY post is delivered is set to change in Portugal with the launch of a new digital service from CTT Correios.

Via CTT allows people to access their post digitally on the internet anytime, anywhere, taking the worry out of a postbox becoming full while you are away or wondering all day what is waiting for you on the doormat at home.

The service, which is free, also allows you to pay your bills simply and securely.

You can choose which mail items you would like to receive digitally, for example utility bills and credit card statements, and keep receiving items such as personal letters and postcards via the normal postal system.

Alternatively, if you are seeking to totally free your home of paper, you can receive everything electronically. The latest technology is used to scan the mail and security is guaranteed via the most modern electronic mail system.

For further information and to sign up for the Via CTT service visit or call 808 20 20 29.

Via CTT is available to national and international citizens with a home in Portugal and there is also a separate service for companies.