Post lockdown popularity boom for Algarve villa holidays

As the world continues to take steps towards post-lockdown life, the Algarve is emerging as a top destination for villa holidays this summer. But there’s still work to be done to reassure guests that a fantastic stay is possible so soon after lockdown. As airbridges to Portugal look likely, we will explain how to build confidence and maximise occupancy in your villa this summer.

Travel rebooted
With borders opening and countries including the UK planning bilateral airbridge agreements, Portugal is open for the summer. The Algarve has already been voted the best holiday destination, and its response to Covid-19 was commended. Portugal’s ambassador to the UK, Manuel Lobo Antunes, believes the UK has Covid-19 under control and prepares to welcome British tourists back to Portugal.

This prospect is exciting. With the potential introduction of airbridges, and (hopefully) no need to quarantine, we expect to see even more bookings following a rush of reservations for July and August. Naturally, we must continue to build confidence in order to welcome guests this summer.

Addressing concerns
Not everyone will travel confidently after lockdown – steps need to be taken by the sector to see positive uplifts and customer confidence post lockdown.

Safety and cleanliness are priorities following the Portuguese tourism board’s introduction of the ‘Clean & Safe’ certificate – this will be the first thing guests will want to see. But cleanliness standards don’t stop at the certification. How are staff trained? What safety measures are in place? Are there guidelines throughout the property? Outlining protective measures will make visitors feel at ease.

Offering ‘in-villa’ services will also attract bookings, as guests then find peace of mind in spending more time at the villa. Popular services include on-site chefs, shopping delivery, personal trainers and beauty therapists.

We still encourage everyone to venture out and experience what the Algarve has to offer. We know local businesses and restaurants are working tirelessly to make this summer special for those that make the effort to get here. However, we understand visitors might prefer to keep to their group of travel companions. That’s why offering these villa services will boost confidence.

Portugal: Europe’s beacon of hope
Already, people are enjoying the beauty and relaxation of the Algarve again. Portugal’s progress has not gone unnoticed!

From the scheduling of the Champions League final in Lisbon this August, to the potential hosting of Formula 1 in the Algarve, there is a growing calendar this summer and beyond. We need to realise these are more than just events – it instils trust in tourists that Portugal is leading the way in Europe as a safe destination. These major events wouldn’t be happening if that wasn’t the case.”

The hard work begins
It’s time to put the spotlight on your property – following the airbridge announcement, tourists are doing their research. We’re excited to welcome tourists back to the Algarve. Our priority for owners is to help them reassure guests, providing a great guest experience. The hard but rewarding work starts now.

By Joe Mountain
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Joe Mountain is founder of Algarve villa rental specialists SandyBlue.
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