Post Brexit: “more British jews are requesting naturalisation in Portugal”

According to the online Jewish Journal, post Brexit, “one of Portugal’s Jewish communities has observed an increase in requests for naturalisation by British Jews”.

“About 300 British Jews who are descendants of Portuguese Sephardic Jews requested Portuguese nationality from the Porto Jewish Community, compared to five before the June 23 for a British exit”, the community is quoted as having told Spanish news agency EFE on Monday.

The news follows a number of anecdotal accounts about British Jews seeking a second EU passport in order to remain EU citizens if the UK leaves the bloc, and loses its access to freedom of movement.

But it has not been confirmed by counterparts in Lisbon – Portugal’s largest Jewish community – which stresses that it has seen “no increase in requests from Britain” at all.

Indeed, since the law was ratified last year – in a bid to “correct the historical wrong visited on Portugal’s Jews in the 16th century when they were expelled or forcibly converted to Christianity” – “only a handful of applications have been approved”, Teresa Santos, the community’s official handling requests, told EFE.