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Positive results for the foreign property market

New research from Oxfordshire-based property investment company, the Worldwide Property Group, has shown that the interest in buying property overseas has now tipped the balance versus that of buying property in the UK, According to the research by the group, 67% of respondents said that they believe that now is a good time to make a foreign investment while 65% are actually considering buying a foreign property.

Portugal was found to be one of the countries generating the most response in the survey with the country’s close proximity to England, Spain and France being cited as one of the reasons it remains a popular foreign property investment destination.

The abundance of low-cost air travel options to Portugal and especially the Algarve, continue to make this a favourite with UK buyers.

Kevin Wilkes, the managing director of the Worldwide Property Group, said: “It is hardly surprising that investors are looking beyond the UK for places to invest.  Many overseas regions are providing very strong potential returns.

“While respondents interests have shifted slightly this month to overseas, confidence in property as an overall investment remains high with 67% of respondents opting for it as the best investment over gold, shares, currency and savings.”