Positive news from Praia da Luz

Dear Editor,
Incident: Tuesday, May 13 at the corner of Rua do Ramalhete and Rua Primeiro de Maio at around 5pm.
I was assisting my wife along the narrow path of the nursery school when suddenly my legs failed me and I collapsed to the ground for whatever unimportant reason.
In seconds, we were surrounded by people: a Portuguese man on a scooter who supported me, a Portuguese lady with a cell phone who called for an ambulance despite my protests, and a British lady who was very likely a nurse as she held my hand and ensured I kept still until I recovered my senses.
In literally a few minutes, Bombeiros de Lagos were on the spot, dressed my not-serious wounds and escorted my wife and I a hundred metres down the road to and up to our rented apartment.
Good things do happen in Praia da Luz!
My sincere thanks to the people in Luz and to the Bombeiros de Lagos.
Rolf Preisler,
By email