Portuguese wines and maturity

Editor’s note: We received this letter addressed to our food and wine writer, Patrick Stuart.

Dear Patrick Stuart,
Thank you for your informative articles on wine in the Algarve Resident.

Interestingly, in your last article you mention that few Portuguese wines are allowed to reach full maturity in the bottle with which I agree. I go to a local restaurant where they have 1980s Dão and Douros at about €12 a bottle, and they are fascinating.

Have you considered writing an article on the storage of wines for the longer term? Suggestions on types of wine and how long to keep them? What will work and won’t? I would love to buy young wine now for laying down.

John Trapp
By email

Patrick Stuart replies: Dear John, Thank you for the feedback and the idea of an article about ageing wines. I have touched on this recently with my article on ageing Alvarinho, a white grape that I find fascinating especially given its ageing potential (find ‘Ageing Alvarinho’ at portugalresident.com). I will look into a general article, focusing on reds, of course, and am curious to know the name of the restaurant you mention. If you read my column regularly you may have noticed that I am a great Dão fan.