Portuguese wine in British territory

news: Portuguese wine in British territory

A British group of Portuguese wine importers has, with the co-operation of ICEP Portugal, launched the Association of Portuguese Wine Importers (APWI). The launch took place in the chancellery of the Portuguese Embassy in London and included 12 importers who applauded the launch as a good start to attracting a new British market. Working closely with ICEP Portugal and other associations, such as Vini-Portugal, the APWI aims to collaborate with wine producers and other organisations to increase sales and influence the British consumer in relation to Portuguese wines, which are currently not widely available in the UK. António Silva, delegate of the ICEP in London, said: “We are very satisfied with the market’s response. It’s essential that we work together, as we all have the same aim – to increase the amount of sales in the UK.” He added: “From our point of view, we can assist the market more efficiently if a forum of this nature exists”.