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Portuguese wine exports soar 3.2% to €846m

Portuguese wine exports don’t seem to have been affected by the pandemic, having increased by 26.9% in the United Kingdom, 26.5% in Brazil and 13.5 % in the USA in terms of volume, according to data by the National Statistics Institute (INE).

Portuguese wine exports grew 5.3% in volume last year, and 3.2% in value, driven by sales to Brazil, according to data from INE, cited by the Government.

“Exports of Portuguese wines had a very positive performance last year, registering a notable increase when compared to 2019. Thus, and according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), for 2020, there was an increase not only in volume, 5.3%, but also in value, 3.2%, with a result of 846 million euros, 26 million euros more than in the previous year”, the Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement.

The markets that contributed most to these results were Brazil, France, USA, United Kingdom and Canada. 

From January to December, exports to Brazil grew about 26.5% in volume and 23.5% in value, totalling 68 million euros. Those destined for the USA increased by 13.5% in volume and 3.1% in value, totalling 92 million euros.

Portuguese wine exports to the United Kingdom increased by 26.9% in volume and 16.2% in value to 90 million euros.

In Canada, there was an increase of 6% in volume and 4.9% in value to around 50 million euros. The best average price was also recorded in Canada – around 3.64 euros per liter.

Portuguese wine exports to France totalled 110.5 million euros, followed by Germany (47.5 million euros) and the Netherlands (47 million euros). However, in France, there was a decrease of 2% in terms of volume.

The Minister of Agriculture defended that these results reflect “the good performance of the sector, its capacity for resilience and adaptation, but also the measures that, at all times, the Government presented in 2020” to minimise the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.