Portuguese win Heinz contract

PORTUGUESE COMPANY Logoplaste has won a lucrative contract to produce the new labels and packaging for Heinz Ketchup in Europe. Heinz sells billions of euros worth of products in Europe alone on an annual basis.

The contract represents a 10 per cent increase in Logoplaste’s turnover on 2006 and will help finance the expansion of the group.

The Portuguese company, owned by Filipe de Botton and Alexandre Relvas, will have exclusive rights to produce Heinz’s new packaging and logotype labels.

The competitive tendering competition launched by the American sauce manufacturer lasted two years.

Sucess story

The new contract guarantees annual sales worth 25 million euros for the company, which will construct a new factory in Holland with an investment of 23 million euros. Production will start in September 2007.

The company was founded in Guarda in 1976 by Marcel Botton at the then cost of 570,000 escudos, a small fortune at the time, which no bank wanted to lend the businessman.

Today, Logoplaste, which manufactures rigid plastic packaging such as bottles, has 37 factories, 240 machines in Portugal, Spain, the UK, France, Italy, and Brazil. Its turnover is between two and four billion euros a year.

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