Portuguese victims of Paris terror attacks to be autopsied today

Two of the Portuguese victims who lost their lives in the Paris terror attacks on Friday, November 13 are expected to be returned to Portugal this week, for funerals to take place in the Alentejo and Lisbon.

The bodies of 63-year-old taxi driver Manuel Dias and 35-year-old shop assistant Précilia Correia are due to be autopsied in Paris today, writes Correio da Manhã, before they are taken on their final journey home.

Dias’ funeral will take place in Corte do Pinto, Mértola, while Correia’s is planned “probably in Lisbon” later this week.

For now, there is no word on the funeral arrangements of the third Portuguese victim, Christine Gonçalves, aged 50, who worked for music publishers Mercury.

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