Portuguese “tries to decapitate” Spaniard for leaving shopping trolley in road

A 49-year-old Portuguese man has been accused of attempted murder after apparently trying to decapitate a Spaniard for leaving a shopping trolley in the road.

The incident took place outside a supermarket, in Godella, Spain, last Friday.

The Portuguese man, who was driving his car along the road, allegedly reacted to the trolley being in his way by leaping out of the car and fetching a saw from the boot, with which he set about attacking the Spanish man.

What began as a traffic incident thus “could have resulted in a real tragedy”, writes noticiasaominuto.

Luckily, the victim dodged the first blow but ended up being hurt in the ensuing struggle.

His traumatised wife rushed to his aid and also received injuries, says the news source.

Both husband and wife were treated in hospital as the Portuguese man was taken into police custody.

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