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Portuguese tourism brands in joint international campaign

FOR THE first time this year, the Instituto de Turismo de Portugal (ITP), which manages the Portugal Turismo brand, and the regional associations responsible for tourism in Lisbon, the Algarve and the Alentejo have joined forces to launch an international publicity campaign. The total investment for which is around six million euros.  

The campaign began at the beginning of February, a little earlier when compared to previous years, in order to achieve better results among the main tour operators in Portugal’s key markets.

The joint initiative between ITP and the tourism associations of Lisbon, the Algarve and the Alentejo has made it possible to maximise the investment in communication through careful specific media planning and combined international promotion strategies for Portugal and its regions. Of the total investment amount, ITP contributed half, Lisbon gave 2.2 million euros and the other regions invested the remainder.  

The main objectives of the campaign are to place Portugal at the top of the preferred list of European tourist destinations, to present itself as a special destination, to persuade the consumer to choose Portugal’s tourism products over its competitors’, and to contribute to an increase in visitor numbers to Portugal and its regional destinations.

Those behind the campaign have chosen to portray Portugal as a destination offering a diverse range of experiences and effortless sophistication, capable of satisfying the most demanding of holidaymakers. The benefits offered by the Portugal Turismo brand will be given relevance through advertisements that promote leisure, entertainment and romance. The promotion for the regional brands reflects the unique holiday experiences that each one has to offer the visitor.

The key markets covered by the campaign are Spain, Germany, the UK and France, although the strategy also includes Holland, Russia, Italy, Denmark, Norway and the US. The most money is being invested in the UK (two million euros) and the media budget is being spread between the general press, internet and billboard posters. Meanwhile, 1.8 million euros is being spent on promotion in Spain, with the Portugal Turismo brand being advertised on regional TV channels, and the regional brands in the national and regional press, via the internet and on the radio. In Germany, a total of 1.2 million euros is being invested. This budget will be split between the general press and specialist travel titles, as well as the internet. A total of 600,000 euros is being spent on the French market to be distributed between press and online advertising.  

The campaign is timed to hit in two waves that cover the period from February to April and October, with the exception of Spain that will boast an extra period in June.

The agencies responsible for the international campaign are world famous agency J. Walter Thompson (JWT) on the creative side and worldwide media player OMD for media buying.