Portuguese television suggests Third World War may have already begun…

Portuguese TV – better known for launching daily bulletins with news from the world of football – delivered a shock to viewers earlier this week, when it ran a seven-minute report on “Russia and the United States on the path of collision, not just over Syria” – alluding to Russian journalists’ remarks that “the Third World War has already begun”.

The RTP2 news anchor reported that nuclear ballistic missiles are being moved “in various points of Europe, and in the Asian Pacific region” while “in St Petersburg, bread is already being rationed in the expectation of the outbreak of a Third World War”.

With Russia’s president Vladimir Putin calling “all military personnel’ back to national soil – and Moscow reportedly preparing nuclear shelters – RTP reports this is a level of tension now that has not been seen since the end of the Cold War.

Spokesman for the Observatory of Security, Organised Crime and Terrorism Felipe Pathé Duarte told the station that the increasing aggressive rhetoric “cannot be taken lightly”, while RTP stressed that “what really worries the West” is that Russia’s ally in this “new military doctrine, is the gigantic China”.

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