Portuguese surfer conquers 35-metre “wave of all waves” in Nazaré

It came two days ago in an awesome swell which appears on screen to have swallowed up Azorean surfer Hugo Vau, but he made it – and is now being hailed as the man who surfed the world’s largest wave.

Dubbed “Big Mama” it can be seen here, posted on Youtube (click here).

Hugo’s title is “not official”, admits Surfer Today, and no one can be 100% certain that the wave breaking at iconic Praia do Norte was indeed the “Big Mama” that has been eagerly awaited for seven years, but people on site were overwhelmed at its size.

Vau himself estimates it to have been “huge” at 115-feet (35 metres high).

He told Surfer Today that “surfers who know Praia do Norte well told me it was the biggest wave they have ever seen surfing here”.

Vau was towed to the monster by his fearless jet ski team. As he conceded: “in Nazaré nobody does anything by himself”.

Experts will now be measuring footage and pronouncing on whether indeed this was the ‘world’s largest wave’.

“Unfortunately, there is still no scientific method so the measurement is based on the size of the surfer compared to the wave”, Vau explained, adding: “In the end all that matters is that we get to the water, have fun and leave alive”.

If the World Surf League Big Wave Awards consider Vau’s feat worthy of a new title, it will be sent to the Guinness World Records for official validation.

For now, the Guinness World Record for the biggest wave ever surfed is held by the sport’s living legend Garrett McNamara who rode a 78-foot wave (23.7 metres) at Praia do Norte in November 2011.

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