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Portuguese students come up with bacteria-free dummy

Five clever Portuguese students – including one from the Espírito Santo family – have won a prize for an invention that will have mothers smiling the world over: a little device that keeps dummies (pacifiers) bacteria-free.
No more need for screams of alarm as baby picks up his dummy from the road, covered in grit, and pops it back into his mouth. Thanks to the ingenious ‘4 Baby’ adapter – able to work on any make of dummy – teats can be protected by a spring mechanism.
Devised by youngsters Daniel Dias, Flávio Moura, Miguel Esperança, Miguel Loureiro and the only girl on the team, Carolina Espírito Santo, 4 Baby has now won a Remarkable Customer Service Award, organised through Young Enterprize Europe and Citi Foundation.
The winning team is studying at the Magestil vocational school in Lisbon, and the inference is that these youngsters, aged between 15 and 21, could be the inventors and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.
Presenting the award in Tallin, Estonia, Érica Nascimento, CEO of Junior Achievement Portugal, said the initiative is designed to encourage youngsters to open and manage their own businesses.
Whether ‘4 Baby’ will now be picked up by a manufacturer remains to be seen.