Portuguese spend “over an hour and a half” a day on social networks

A new study has found that Portuguese people spend, on average, “over an hour and a half” a day on social networks.

Over two thirds (68%) believe it is the “adequate” amount of time to spend online, with 25% adding they are starting to log onto these websites for even longer.

The survey, conducted by Marktest, shows that the number of people in Portugal signed up on social networks has grown 53% since 2011. There are currently 4.6 million Portuguese who use social networks.

Facebook is the most popular and “addictive”, according to the findings, followed by YouTube, Google +, WhatsApp and Instagram.

But when it comes to social networks that are gaining the most new users, it is Instagram, Pinterest and Google + that stand out.

The survey also found that most people (67%) log onto social networks several times a day, though only 41% post daily on their profiles.

The social network “rush hour” is between 8pm and 10pm – with more and more people using their phones instead of computers to log on.

Data also shows that most people use social networks for their messaging or chat services, as well as to “comment on other people’s posts”, watch videos and read news stories.

The study, entitled ‘Os portugueses e as redes sociais’, is conducted annually and this year involved 819 interviews with people aged from 15 to 64 who live in Portugal and are signed up on social networks.