Portuguese socialites party with McEnroe

news: Portuguese socialites party with McEnroe

THE ILLUSTRIOUS annual Vale do Lobo Grand Champions Millennium BCP tournament ended fittingly with an exhilarating party, where tournament winner John McEnroe led his fellow players in a storming rock performance.

McEnroe took to the stage for the first time in the history of the tournament, with a specially commissioned left-hand guitar. Together with Mats Wilander on vocals and Jim Courier on drums, the players showed that they are real performers, with an impressive rendition of Knocking on Heaven’s Door. This was just the beginning, followed by Sweet Home Alabama, Johnny Be Good and many other numbers which got the crowd moving.

The festivities attracted many famous faces, including well known Portuguese socialites Lili Caneças, José Castelo Branco and his wife Lady Betty Graftstein, who took to the dance floor with Mr. and Mrs. van Gelder. Dignitaries in attendance from the world of politics were Secretary of State for Sport Laurentino Días, former Secretary of State for Tourism Luís Correia da Silva, Faro Civil Governor António Pina and Loulé Câmara President Seruca Emídio.

Next year’s tournament is set to welcome Boris Becker, so John McEnroe will have his work cut out to defend his title. And, of course, it remains to be seen if Becker can compete with the musical talent of this year’s gifted group of performers!