Portuguese singer Tony Carreira recovers in Algarve after suffering heart attack

Portuguese singer Tony Carreira is recovering at his Algarve home after suffering a heart attack last week.

The 57-year-old artist, whose 21-year-old daughter died tragically in a car crash last December, was rushed to Faro Hospital on Wednesday, June 23 and operated on, having remain hospitalised until Friday.

According to national tabloid Correio da Manhã, the singer is recovering at his Algarve home in Pinhal Velho between Albufeira and Vilamoura, in the company of his two sons, David and Mickael, and his four-year-old granddaughter Beatriz.

“I’m already at home, recovering from another ‘surprise’ that life has thrown at me. My life has not been easy since December, but due to all the support that you have given me, and there has been so much of it, I do not have the right to not fight for my life, my children, for the people who love me and have supported me and, of course, the association created in the memory of my daughter Sara,” the singer wrote on his Instagram page.

He also thanked Faro Hospital, describing the staff as “wonderful”, and confirmed he will be performing as expected at Estoril Casino on July 23.

Tony Carreira is one of Portugal’s most popular singers, performing all over the country and overseas to expat communities. His daughter Sara Carreira died in a tragic accident on the A1 motorway in December, which had led him to put his career on hold.

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