Image taken from CTCP Facebook page

Portuguese shoemaking sector invests €140 million to become ‘international leader in sustainable solutions’

The Portuguese shoe and boot making industry is to invest €140 million over the next three years in order to become an international leader in sustainable solutions. 

The announcement has been made by the association APICCAPS (lots of initials to describe the shoe making industry in Portugal) whose president is Luís Onofre, a ‘legend’ when it comes to top-of-the-range footwear (click here), and something of a visionary.

He explains: “The footwear sector has always had the overriding objective to be an international reference”. But now is the time for “a new decade of growth, reinforcing competences, accelerating the insertion of qualified new positions in companies and increasing I&DT investment (investigation, development and technology)”, so that “highly differentiating products” can be presented.

The plan is also to “reinforce Portuguese exports”.

Much of the money will come from Brussels (in the form of recovery and resilience funding) – with €80 million focused on “BioShoes4All” – solutions that ‘fit’ the whole ‘away from leather’/ eco philosophy.

Said Leandro de Melo, director general of the CTCP (technological centre for Portuguese footwear): “If today Portuguese companies are known for their capacity for innovation, for (being able to produce) small orders efficiently, they will now optimise processes and improve efficiency, to assure new gains in competitivity”.