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Portuguese shell out thousands for tickets to World Cup

The scramble for tickets to Brazil for World Cup matches this summer has so far seen 11,509 Portuguese snap-up all-inclusive ‘deals’, none of them starting for less than €3,200 a pop.
The news came at Lisbon’s international tourism fair BTL last week.
Brazil’s institute for tourism said the deals were on sale via companies Top Atlântico – part of Espírito Santo Viagens – and Cosmos Viagens, both of whom have signed an exclusivity agreement to sell all-inclusive packages, taking in special flights, accommodation and tickets to various different stadiums in the country.
For the time being, deals for three games are on sale, writes Correio da Manhã. These are the Germany v. Portugal game in Salvador de Bahia (leaving Portugal on June 14 and returning on June 17); the EUA v. Portugal on June 20, also returning three days later, and Portugal v. Ghana, flying out on June 24 and returning on June 27.