Portuguese serial rapist jailed for 514 years freed after 20

A community is in shock this week following the release of a serial rapist condemned to 514 years in jail only 20 years ago.

Portuguese Arlindo Carvalho was found guilty of raping 35 women by a Spanish court in 1997.
He confessed to having raped 140 during the eight year period that he stalked a neighbourhood in Madrid known as “the Pyramids”.

But because of a clause in Spain’s penal code – ruling that no prisoner should spend more than 20 years behind bars – he was let out of jail last week to live with his mother in Valência de Alcântara, 10 kms from the border with Portugal.

The town’s mayor has admitted that people are worried that 51-year-old Carvalho may “attack again”.

National tabloid Correio da Manhã says “the Portuguese has said that he has learned from his mistakes”.

Back in 1996 when he was finally caught, Carvalho was dubbed one of Spain’s most prolific sexual predators. The Public Ministry only managed to ‘prove’ 35 of his assaults, though he was also convicted of 27 kidnappings.

The ages of the women he attacked were between late teens to early 20s.

During his trial, CM says the married gas fitter blamed “humiliations” that he had suffered during adolescence as the motivation for his attacks.

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