Portuguese send hair to international institutions

In an era where donations of all kinds are needed throughout the world, it is curious to discover that the Portuguese are donating hair – in such large quantities that it is being shipped overseas. The news, reported in Diário de Notícias, is linked to cancer and the need of wigs for patients. Portugal’s “Liga Contra o Cancro” (LPCC) has “more hair than it can deal with” and so is sending donations abroad.

In fact, the LPCC is actively asking people NOT to donate their hair – and certainly not to enter into the fad of “shaving their heads for cancer”… not in Portugal anyway.

Lusa explains that Portuguese began jumping on the social media bandwagon quite recently.

LPCC president Francisco Cavaleiro Ferreira told the agency: “Someone said we were taking in donations and suddenly we began receiving little tufts and plaits.”

The league has “around 50 hairdressers” who satisfy requirements, he stressed, and would like to “stop the donations and this initiative” once and for all.

People intent all the same on removing their hair can send it to organisations like “Little Princess Trust” in the UK and “Locks of Love” in the United States – both of which support children who suffer from cancer and lose their own hair, he added.

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