Portuguese secretaries of state travel to UK to discuss Brexit

Six Portuguese secretaries of state are travelling to the UK this weekend for the second edition of “Dialogues with the Community”, an initiative designed to cover “various themes of interest and concern” for Portuguese expats, including Brexit.

The secretaries of state will be speaking to what Observador website calls “full houses” at the Portuguese embassy in London (Saturday) and the Portuguese Consulate in Manchester (Sunday).

Other items for discussion will be the protection of minors, labour, tax and linguistic issues, the promotion of equality and electoral participation.

But the impacts on the UK’s Portuguese residents of a looming Brexit are high up on the agenda, coincidentally on the same day that British television channel Sky News has cited Brexit as the reason for the surge in interest of British Sephardic jews to reclaim Portuguese and Spanish citizenship, lost hundreds of years ago (click here).

The secretaries state on their way to the event represent the Portuguese Communities (José Luís Carneiro), European Affairs (Margarida Marques), Fiscal Affairs (Fernando Rocha de Andrade) Justice (Helena Mesquita Ribeiro), People with Deficiencies (Ana Sofia Antunes) and Citizenship and Equality (Catarina Marcelino).

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