Portuguese sailors on naval school ship accused of rape

Two Portuguese cadet sailors on the naval school ship Sagres have been accused of rape while their boat was docked in the Bermudan port of Hamilton.

The accusation followed a night last week where eight young cadets had been given leave to have some fun.

The Sagres was due to leave the following morning.

But when the young men returned, their commander “received a phone call” from local police, reports Correio da Manhã.

A young woman had accused two of the men of rape.

Multiple inquiries then got underway, after which the Sagres is understood to have been allowed to continue on its way.

The boat is on a four-month-long trip that will take in the two Tall Ships events (the Lafayette – Hermione Voyage 2015 and Sail Amsterdam 2015), as well as 500-year celebrations in the Azores, before returning to Lisbon in September.

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