Portuguese rulers can’t see past the Cristo-Rei

news: Portuguese rulers can’t see past the Cristo-Rei

In an interview with Expresso newspaper, Pingo Doce boss Soares dos Santos said Portuguese rulers see little beyond the Cristo-Rei statue in Lisbon.

The man at the helm of the administration council of the Jerónimo Martins group, which owns the Pingo Doce chain, was asked to reflect on the last four decades, as part of the newspaper’s special edition to mark its 40th anniversary.

Soares dos Santos said Portugal had progressed positively in the last few years but a “change of mentalities” was still required.

He went so far as saying that those in power “can’t see anything past the Cristo-Rei” statue, Sócrates (former PS prime minister) was the worst politician ever – “he was a megalomaniac, a liar and very clever – and said privatising RTP channel was “stupid”.