Portuguese restaurateurs voted Madrid's ‘octopus kings’

They call themselves ‘specialists of Portuguese-made octopus’, and now Madrid’s Portuguese restaurant Pulpería O’Infante has been voted the best foreign eatery in Spain by food specialists from El Mundo newspaper.
It has actually taken very little time for José Luis Alves and Maria da Graça Eira to turn heads with their delicious octopus dishes. They only opened Pulpería O’Infante in March last year.
The restaurant received a resounding thumbs-up from the jury of the 11th edition of Metrópoli Gastronomy Awards, who awarded it alongside ‘StreetXO’ – a restaurant owned by Michelin-starred Chef David Muñoz specialising in gourmet street food.
“Portuguese are not satisfied being codfish kings,” quipped the jury announcing their decision. “They are also set on being the octopus kings.”
It is the variety of ways that the couple presents their octopus dishes that scored them so many plus-points. Either roasted, cooked in a typical Portuguese ‘cataplana’ or prepared in traditional Trás-os-Montes fashion, the couple have over 20 recipes that see diners returning again and again.
It helps that both – living in Spain for more than 30 years – know the intricacies of their sector. The couple opened their first restaurant in Madrid back in 1993.
So in case you are ever in Madrid, you know where to go if you’re in the market for tentacles. Pulpería O’Infante can be found at Senda del Infanta no.28.