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Portuguese religious sect in Palmela “a cover for child-sex abuse”

PJ police are reported to have dismantled a bizarre religious sect based in a “luxurious property in Brejos de Assa, Palmela” in which nine young boys suffered “various types of sexual abuse” for at least a year and a half.

National tabloid Correio da Manhã covers the story today, claiming that a group of eight people (including the leader of the sect) face accusations of “more than 400 crimes” ranging from the sexual abuse of children to rape, pimping and child pornography.

With further details almost certain to come out over the weekend, CM’s story centres on the trauma suffered by one of the boys, allegedly the son of the sect leader, who was “offered to other pedophiles”, and now cannot even bear to hear his father’s name.

As far as CM makes out, the unnamed sect leader is awaiting trial behind bars.

His wife, the mother of one of the abused boys, is also accused of crimes of sexual abuse “for having seen some of the crimes without taking any action”, says the paper.

CM’s report carries allegations made by the man’s mother-in-law – now in charge of her grandsons’ welfare.

The sect – known as Verdade Celestial (Celestial Truth) was apparently dismantled in June 2015, but only now is that the truth about it surfacing.

Two of the other boys allegedly abused are thought to have been children of some of the defendants.