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Portuguese President calls for conflict-free European elections

The European Parliament elections of 2014 will be taking place in Portugal on May 25, announced the President of Portugal Cavaco Silva, urging political parties to avoid conflict during their campaign and calling on the population to vote and make a difference.
“The European Union’s fate weighs heavily on the future of Portugal. Portuguese citizens must raise their voices about who they want representing them in the European Parliament,” he said.
Cavaco Silva’s plea comes after abstention levels in 2009’s European elections reached 63%.
“This election comes at a complex time in the nation’s history. Portugal will soon have to decide what to do after the end of its bailout programme,” Cavaco Silva stated, declaring it important that political campaigns run smoothly.
He encouraged political parties to avoid conflict and instead present solutions and promote discussion.
“Artificial quarrels and controversy will only tamper with the population’s understanding of what is going on,” Cavaco Silva warned, stressing that the Portuguese people have the right to be accurately informed of the different alternatives that the parties are proposing.