Portuguese prefer national brands

When it comes to choosing a mobile phone network, a bank, insurance company or internet provider, the Portuguese prefer national companies.

That is the conclusion of a study carried out in 16 European countries and published last week by Reader’s Digest.

From a total of 37 chosen brands, from among different types of products, more than a dozen favourites were Portuguese in categories as diverse as banks, petrol stations, mobile phone companies, internet providers, cafés and television channels.

For example, in the ranking are TMN, Galp, Delta, Caixa Geral de Depósitos and RTP 1.

Foreign brands

In other categories, such as credit cards, medicine and cosmetics, the Portuguese prefer foreign brands. Among these were Mercedes Benz cars, Nokia mobile phones, Canon cameras, ben-u-ron pain killers, Visa credit cards, Nivea face cream and Friskies pet foods.

Apart from analysing national and international brands, the study also looked at customer confidence in selected products.

When asked about their own personal characteristics, the Portuguese consider themselves active, optimistic and dedicated.

Almost all those surveyed (93 per cent) said they “knew exactly what they wanted out of life” while 91 per cent said it was “worthwhile paying more for quality” products and 89 per cent said they remained “faithful to a particular brand”.

Almost one quarter of the Portuguese said they were “satisfied” with their standard of living.

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