Portuguese pharmaceutical company ‘developing drug to treat Covid’ – but gives no details

Portugese pharmaceutical company Bluepharma, based in Coimbra, is in the news today for telling Lusa that it is developing a drug to treat Covid-19. But otherwise it gives barely any details.

Texts in the press are more PR-based, citing the catchy description of the company by president Paulo Barradas Rebelo as “a very strong force in Investigation and Development (I&D). We separate the ‘I’ from the ‘D’. Investigation is the greatest risk, it takes more time, it needs more investment. We don’t stop making investment, but we measure it out in doses”.

In other words, we know nothing of Bluepharma’s wonder drug. Whereas scientists at the Institute of Chemical and Biological Technology at the New University of Lisbon (ITQB NOVA) gave a clear indication of the drug they have under development in interview with SIC television recently – hoping for a pharmaceutical company to pick it up (click here) – Bluepharma’s contribution is shrouded in secrecy.

All Paulo Barrados Rebelo has said on the subject is that “the finance has been approved” and the drug is in development.

The rest of today’s texts concentrate on Bluepharma’s 20 year background and its 130 “very qualified scientists working in I&D”.