Portuguese Navy
Definitely sabotage... not definite by whom

Portuguese Navy “shares concerns of NATO countries’ counterparts” over underwater attacks

Portugal’s admiral of the Navy, Gouveia e Melo has told Lusa today that the navies of several NATO countries, including Portugal, are evaluating risks of new attacks to underwater infrastructures, “admitting the underwater capacity of adversaries”. The threat is being evaluated in London this week at a meeting of naval chiefs near the English Channel. Gouveia e Melo explained there has already been one such attack, off the Swedish/ Danish coast in September (when various segments of the gas infrastructure from Russia – Nord Stream 1 & 2 – were damaged). The explosions were confirmed as acts of sabotage, the question unanswered being ‘by whom?’ Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh maintains the sabotage was the work of the United States. The White House has said this is “utterly false”.