Portuguese mother-of-three murdered in Brazil

A Portuguese mother-of-three was murdered in Brazil this week after she fought back in what appears to have been a kidnap attempt.

Married to the businessman great-nephew of former Brazilian president Tancredo Neves, Ana Lúcia Neves, 49, was shot in the chest as she prepared to enter a Rio de Janeiro gymnasium.

As police go through CCTV images to find out what exactly happened, the woman’s parents are understood to have already arrived in Brazil for the funeral later today.

According to Brazil’s G1 news website, witnesses have described how Neves’ car was blocked by a man who drove in front of her, and a “discussion” followed before she was shot at point-blank range on her left side.

Here, Correio da Manhã suggests a group was involved.

Rio’s O Dia confirms this, with the report that the man tried to pull his victim into his car, where there was at least one other person.

With her family devastated, Ana Lúcia Neves has been described as “a very sweet timid person” whose loss will be unsubstitutable.

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