Portuguese milk gets EU authorisation for ‘own label’

It is considered a “very important measure” as it will allow Portuguese nationals the option to choose Portuguese milk when they go shopping.

Agriculture minister Capoulas Santos announced today that Portugal has received EU authorisation to approve a new law that will make it obligatory for national dairy products to carry a special “produce of Portugal” label.

The only other country that has achieved similar authorisation is France, he said – and the idea behind the move is to show nationals where their best option lies, as “Portuguese milk is known for its excellent quality”.

Capoulas Santos’ announcement came during yet another demonstration in Brussels organised by milk producers who say they are at breaking point as a result of the EU’s practice of “flooding the market” with 360,000 tons of powdered milk.

Representing Portugal, José Gonçalves of the national confederation of agriculture welcomed the labelling news but said it would not, on its own, solve Portugal’s problems, as what has happened to the sector is that production has been steadily reduced to the point that it will be “almost impossible to recover”.

Dubbing it “the relocation of milk production”, Gonçalves told journalists that what is needed is for governments to be able to “reclaim” the right to regulate their own milk production sectors.

He said the demonstration today, in which produces ‘spilt tons of powdered milk’, was designed to tell the European Council and the Commission that the milk sector crisis is “far from over”.

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