Portuguese mango truck carrying 11 refugees ‘cleared for journey to UK’

A Portuguese couple transporting mangoes to the UK got the shock of their lives when they realised they had a lot more than fruit on board.

Through the rearview mirror, the driver saw “someone waving a white cloth” through the filter outlet of the truck’s refrigeration system.

He stopped at the next fuel station “near Bladel, southern Holland”, alerted the authorities – and on closer inspection discovered 11 ‘refugees’ from Iraq and Iran (including two children) inside the truck’s storage area.

Where the stowaways managed to board the vehicle appears to remain a mystery.

Says Público: “Dutch authorities still have not explained how the refugees managed to hide in the truck”.

The vehicle was loaded with its consignment of mangoes in Tours (France), and on Sunday the driver and his wife were both arrested and subsequently released without charge in Eindhoven, Holland.

They both assured police repeatedly that they had no idea they were transporting people.

The Secretary of State for the Communities has confirmed its support of the couple, saying the duo and the truck have been allowed to continue with the planned itinerary to the UK.

The refugees however have been referred to Dutch immigration authorities, after receiving medical assistance.

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