Portuguese Madeiran community in South Africa “shocked and concerned” over escalating incidents of violence

The Portuguese Madeiran community, living in South Africa, is shocked and concerned over escalating incidents of violence against them. The latest victim was a 69-year-old businessman murdered during a robbery at his house in Johannesburg. Vítor Fernandes de Oliveira died from repeated blows with a hammer to his head. His wife is in a critical condition in hospital. Consul José Luís de Silva has told Lusa that the community s “constantly being threatened” and feels it is a “target of criminals”. He added that it appears police are involved in the criminal gangs. Lusa reports that six Portuguese have been killed in South Africa since January, while murders across the board have skyrocketed.  Bheke Cele, the country’s minister for police, confirmed recently that between July and the end of September this year 6,163 people lost their lives. The numbers show “once again that South Africa is a very violent country”, he said.