Portuguese living in Germany focused on elections without Angela Merkel 

Portuguese emigrés living and working in Germany are much more concerned today with elections ongoing in their adopted country, given that Angela Merkel is retiring from national politics.

TVI24 has visited a small group of nationals who meet in a supermarket warehouse every Saturday to dance to traditional folkloric tunes.

They heard how Portuguese living in Germany lament Mrs Merkel’s retirement as she “did a lot” for them.

Germany today is a country where racism and xenophobia have increased, most notably since the migrant crisis of 2015. Portuguese nationals – many of whom have lived in Germany for decades – view the future with a degree of uncertainty.

Meantime, Europe and to an extent the rest of the world, is watching what happens in these elections with every bit as much interest, if perhaps less trepidation.

The BBC reports that “long queues” have been reported outside polling stations. Voting ends at 6pm this evening, with the first exit polls expected shortly afterwards.

Whatever the results, the likelihood is that the winners will have to make up a coalition in order to assume government – and until that happens Mrs Merkel is staying at the helm.