Portuguese kitesurfer breaks world record

A physically and psychologically demanding journey by former Portuguese kitesurfing champion Francisco Lufinha granted him the honour of breaking the world record of 370kms for the longest distance travelled while kitesurfing.

At the time of going to press on Wednesday, Lufinha had already broken the record but was still surfing his way to Lagos, the final destination of his journey, which started in Foz do Douro on September 17, in order to complete the 538kms marathon route.

The kitesurfer said before he embarked on the voyage, entitled MINI Kitesurf Odyssey, that “it was an idea which was thought of years ago and was close to being fulfilled thanks to the support of MINI Portugal.”

The young athlete revealed that he had travelled this route before in a sailing ship but had wondered if it would be possible to do so while kitesurfing.

“And a way to make the occasion even more spectacular was to find a record that could be broken,” the kitesurfer said.

An intense physical programme was needed to prepare him for the difficult task he has ahead.

“I have been following an intense physical and nutritional preparation for many months. My eating habits changed and I have been spending many hours swimming, cycling and, of course, kitesurfing,” the ambitious surfer revealed when presenting the idea.

He realised, however, that many difficulties awaited him.

The journey was being accompanied by two witnesses to verify if the record would, in fact, be broken.