Government refuses to comment on Angola’s seizure of accounts and businesses of ‘Africa’s richest woman’

Portuguese justice opens investigation into Isabel dos Santos

Portuguese justice has opened an investigation into the business dealings of Isabel dos Santos – formerly famed for being Africa’s richest woman, but now mired in financial issues with the State of Angola (click here).

Only last month, Ms dos Santos was taking former MEP Ana Gomes to court for “offending her good name and reputation” (click here).

Now with both already being dragged through the mud, it appears that Ms Gomes has been busy behind the scenes.

Say reports this afternoon, the origin of Portugal’s investigation is a complaint lodged last November by Ana Gomes on Ms dos Santos’ “financial operations”.

At issue, says SIC, is the purchase of Portuguese electrical company Efacec and alleged transfers of more than 100 million euros to Dubai – where Ms dos Santos is reportedly living.

In Angola, Isabel dos Santos – daughter of former long-term president Eduardo dos Santos – along with two business partners, is being cited for damaging the State to the tune of a billion euros.