Portuguese justice absolves dentist who left woman with permanently numb jaw

A Bragança judge may well have left plaintiff Sandrina Raposo open-mouthed with disbelief after he absolved the dentist whose surgery to one of her wisdom teeth left her with a permanently numb jaw. The judge said his court “did not doubt the victim’s lesions” but could not rule on the existence of cause-effect”. Dentist Clodomiro de São Pedro had been cited for criminal negligence, with Raposo seeking €150,000 in damages.

But the judge told the court: “There was no illegal conduct on the part of the defendant. The requisites for a crime of negligence have not been met”.

The case came to court after 36-year-old Raposo was left with “a permanent feeling of anesthesia in her mouth after surgery to a wisdom tooth, realised by the medical doctor”, writes Correio da Manhã, failing to reveal whether or not there will be an appeal.