Portuguese hip-hop musician arrested on terror charges

PJ police swooped on the Lisbon home of a man long-considered connected to Islamic State through the so-called Leyton Cell of young Portuguese resident in UK (click here).

Rómulo Rodrigues da Costa is the only surviving brother of two jihadi fighters killed in Syria.

He continues to be resident in UK where he’s better known as hip-hop musician Romy Fansony. He has always denied involvement in Islamic State.

Say reports, he has been interviewed in the past by authorities in UK, but never arrested or charged.

But all that changed on Sunday, when the PJ’s anti-terrorism unit led the raid on his home.

Cosa is suspected of “supporting and facilitating the movement of British radicals to Syria and Iraq, since 2003”, writes Correio da Manhã, and is now being held in preventive custody.

Observador adds that investigations “continue, limited now to suspects resident in Portugal”.

Said a statement from the PJ, “cases of other nationals overseas” will be treated “differently” in the relevant police jurisdiction.

The Leyon cell involved around 10 Portuguese from outer Lisbon areas, only one of which Nero Saraiva is believed to be still alive.

This arrest may or may not be connected to the Portuguese efforts to repatriate children and women from Syrian holding camps (click here).