Portuguese appointed IKEA’s new Country Marketing Manager for Swedish market

Portuguese Helena Gouveia has been appointed Country Marketing Manager for Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA in Sweden.

Reports marketing trade paper Meios e Publicidade, Helena Gouveia had worked for 10 years at IKEA Portugal, with four years as director of marketing.

In addition to her role as Country Marketing Manager for the Swedish market, she will also be responsible for communicating the brand’s positioning in part of Europe, covering Portugal, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Belgium.

“IKEA has been my workplace for 13 years and will continue to be so, but now in a new country. I am really excited about this new challenge, both because I will be living in the country where IKEA was founded but also because I will be able to maintain my relationship with the Portuguese market and teams with whom I grew and learnt so much. I created communications projects that today are held up as benchmarks all over the world,” said Helena Gouveia.

In Portugal, the marketing department will be headed by Mónica Sousa who has been working for IKEA since 2018 and who had been head of communications for the brand in Portugal. Before joining IKEA, Mónica Sousa had worked in marketing strategy for Fnac and Sonae MC.

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