Portuguese grandmother dies in Las Ramblas terror attack

A 74-year-old Portuguese grandmother has been revealed to be among the dead in yesterday’s terror attack in Barcelona.

The news, coming just before midday today, followed concerns by the woman’s family that they had not heard from her since the horror.

The woman was in Barcelona with her 20-year-old granddaughter, whose whereabouts appears still to be unclear.

This is a developing story, and more details will be given later today.

The body count from the attack has now risen to 14.

The Portuguese victim is described as a Lisbon resident. No further details have been released, though they will be coming through shortly.

Prime minister António Costa has already addressed journalists to say that everything is being done to trace the missing granddaughter, while President Marcelo has extended his sincere condolences to the victim’s family, talking live with CMTV.

In the meantime, the Portuguese government is advising all nationals going on holiday elsewhere, or even travelling for work purposes, to download the App “Registo Viajante” and insert their destination and details so that consular authorities can be instantly aware of their location in the event of any kind of disaster.

Secretary of State for the Communities José Luís Carneiro advises nationals abroad to stay away from any areas with large concentrations of people.

As he explained, “the fear of authorities is that there could be replicas in the area” and therefore nationals should “avoid, when attacks like this happen, areas with large groups of people”.

The parents of the missing 20-year-old are in Barcelona this evening. Their presence is required not only to officially confirm the identity of their dead elderly relative, but also to see if their daughter is among any of the other so-far unidentified victims.

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