Portuguese government condemns Copenhagen terror attacks

As Denmark stands firm after Saturday’s terror attacks – with even a march against the “Islamisation of Europe” planned for later this evening (Monday) – the Portuguese government has condemned the horror that left two people dead and five injured.

In a communiqué issued to Lusa news agency, the ministry for foreign affairs said: “These attacks were particularly shocking because they were aimed against liberty of thought and expression”, as well as being aimed at a religion.

Stressing that the Portuguese government wanted to show its solidarity with the Danish people, the statement added that Portugal would continue to work with Denmark and the rest of its European partners “to combat all forms of violence, hatred and terrorism”.

News media throughout the world has been carrying the stories of the two attacks in Denmark, and the subsequent police shooting of their suspected perpetrator – a young Muslim national recently released from prison and known for crimes of violence.

Omar El-Hussein shot a 55-year-old filmmaker in a free speech debate in a café, and then went on to shoot dead a Jewish man in a synagogue.

Police caught up with him as he returned home in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Two men have since been detained on suspicion of having aided and abetted the gunman.

By NATASHA DONN [email protected]