Portuguese golf gets set for exciting new age

In what is the latest, tremendously exciting news for Portuguese golf, the country’s players are set to embrace the new World Handicap System. The Portuguese Golf Federation (FPG) has now confirmed that a provisional implementation programme is scheduled for this month. Between August 11 and 12, golf club committees and individual members have already had the opportunity to preview the new Handicap Index calculation.

While the initial preview is only for consultation, and ‘new’ handicaps will not be officially in force at that time, it does provide players with a taste of what’s to come. Golfers will be able to see Handicap Indexes on the WH System, and also personal scoring records through the Player’s Area on the ‘my FPG’ site.

Club Handicap Committees may also preview players’ scoring records through the new Club Area, which will be available in digital format. At this stage, while only display functions are to be available, the process will be enhanced through the facility to access particular details and, although merely provisional, will certainly be appreciated by individual club members.

A crucial target date in the process is August 18 when final handicap migrations to the World Handicap System are to be fully implemented. The magnitude of this task is reflected in the fact that all Datagolf software, the golfers’ main handicap and information service, will necessarily undergo downtime at that stage.

Club members have also been informed that, due to the ongoing processes, Datagolf is expected to have necessarily reduced functionalities until August 20.

The really big day for Portuguese golfers promises to be August 19, when the World Handicap System finally comes into force. With such phenomenal work being carried out by the FPG, and club committees, individual players are set to be part of a truly global operation, as golf in Portugal enters an exciting new age.

Tom Callan is Editor of Clubhouse Algarve magazine – https://clubhousealgarve.com