Portuguese fear unemployment in EU

THE PORTUGUESE are the Europeans who most fear losing their jobs according to a new study carried out by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Working and Living Conditions.

The Foundation carried out a labour survey in 31 countries in Europe and 20 per cent of the Portuguese said that they feared losing their job within the next six months.

In France, for example, only seven per cent of those questioned said they were scared that they could become unemployed within the same time frame.

It is important to note that the study was carried out at a time when 19.4 per cent of the working population are on temporary contracts which under Portuguese law can be terminated or renewed every six months.

Apart from these worries, the study also showed that the Portuguese were generally “satisfied” with their conditions at work (85 per cent), a percentage which proved slightly higher than the European average from 27 EU member states. (83.3 per cent).

In Spain, on the other hand, only 78.6 per cent said that they were satisfied with their employment conditions.

When it came to salary satisfaction, only 28.6 per cent of the Portuguese believed they were well paid for the work they were doing, whereas in Spain, where salaries are higher, that figure climbed to 48 per cent while the EU average stood at 43 per cent.

And as for sexual equality in the work place, Portugal was higher than the European average (24.5 per cent), with 27 per cent of those asked believing women stood as much chance as men within the workplace.

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